For Parents

Why consider Kateri College for your son or daughter?

Your son or daughter will receive an excellent education within a joyful, faith-filled Catholic community whose goal is to help all her members become great saints.  During their four years with us, they will learn a practical trade skill enabling them to secure a well-paying job.  Their Catholic liberal arts training will enable them to excel in thinking, analyzing, and communicating ideas and resolving problems.  Such a combined education in both the Liberal and Practical Arts alongside spiritual and personal development will make Kateri graduates highly sought after by employers throughout the nation.

To be blunt, faithful parents know that the majority of colleges and universities pose a risk to their children’s soul. The environment for a young man or woman both in and out of the classroom is not conducive to encouraging Christian behavior.  Sadly, a faithful Catholic man or woman may enter a college still actively practicing the Faith but graduate having abandoned it.  And, adding insult to injury, not only have they abandoned the Faith but they are often deeply in debt with a degree that no longer guarantees an income sufficient to repay it.

Many of our young people despair and have given up on their future.  They are lost and confused and have no motivation to achieve greatness.  Yet, every man and woman has been created by a loving God for a specific purpose.  Saint John Henry Newman writes a prayer, part of which says, “God has created me to do Him some definite service. He has committed some work to me which He has not committed to another. I have my mission. I may never know it in this life, but I shall be told it in the next. I am a link in a chain, a bond of connection between persons.”

Kateri College intends to help every student understand the mission for which God has created them.  We fundamentally believe that a life of both intellectual and practical skills best achieves that happiness God intends for us.  We will respect our students enough to treat them as young men and young women with the responsibilities that being an adult entail. College is not meant to be a four-year pleasure resort, nor a time of delayed adolescence.  It is meant to be a time of serious growth in every area of a young adult’s life – personal, social, financial, intellectual, spiritual, and practical.

While we welcome non-Catholics and non-Christians, all students must sign a code of ethics that states he or she respects the moral teachings of the Church and will abide by the College rules in the classroom, in the dormitory, in the workshop, and in the community.

Our liberal arts curriculum will teach the best of the great works of Western Civilization.  Our Liberal and Practical Arts faculty must sign an oath of fidelity and will be excellent teachers and Christian examples of adult life.  While being independent of the Diocese of Gallup, as an approved Catholic institution, all of our theology professors must receive the local ordinary’s “mandatum,” and all our chaplains will receive approval from the local ordinary to offer the sacraments.

Such a complete curriculum will enable our students to understand their place in the great story of mankind, to distinguish truth from propaganda, to see the beauty of our natural world, and to recognize the transcendent nature of ourselves and our relationship with the loving God who created all things and who created each of us with a very particular and unique purpose.    

Our students will have hands on practical experience from semester 1.  Over their four years at Kateri, they will earn 60 credits in a practical trade skill and will have the opportunity to work as paid interns with local and national employers.  By the time they graduate, they will be immediately employable in job sectors that already have high demand, with likely higher demand in the future as an expected ten million tradesmen retire within the next decade.

Kateri College will offer an education of inspiration and purpose within an environment that encourages the Christian life.

Does this sound like what you would want for your son, daughter, grandson or granddaughter?  

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