Mission Statement & Educational Philosophy

Our Mission

An Education that Unites the Essential Parts of the Person

Kateri College’s mission is to offer young men and women an affordable, four-year, Roman Catholic education that unites the traditional liberal arts with a practical trade skill. The marriage of the liberal arts and the vocational trades allows for the full flourishing of one’s humanity.

Kateri College believes that a liberal arts curriculum focusing on the best that Western Civilization offers is essential for forming the intellect. We hold equally that the practical arts ground a person in material reality.  Intellectual and practical skills should be united because a person naturally envisions with the mind and then shapes that idea with the hands.

Kateri College’s unique curriculum forms its students to think, analyze, communicate, and work competently.  Our graduates will be ready to enter into the adult world without burdensome financial debt and to understand that God has created them for “some definite service for which He has not created another.”

Our Philosophy

Why the Liberal Arts and Trades?

Foundational to our educational philosophy is the belief that human beings are made in God’s image and thus are naturally attracted to what is true, good, and beautiful. A traditional liberal arts curriculum focusing on the best theology, literature, philosophy, history, and science from Western Civilization is essential for forming virtuous, learned, and competent men and women.

The College equally holds that practical training in a trade skill grounds the intellect in essentially human ways and allows for immediate employment in well-paying jobs.  Our mission is to graduate mature men and women who understand their divine purpose and who are well prepared to enter into the adult life.